1988: Johan Talpe and Jean Pierre De Backere set up the frozen products company d’Arta in Ardooie, in the heart of Flanders, without doubt one of the richest and most productive farming areas in Europe. The initial capacity is 20,000 tonnes.


1997: A second production branch is set up in Portugal (Dardico) to process Mediterranean vegetables and fruit such as broccoli, peppers, courgettes and strawberries.


2005: A ’state of the art’ production plant is set up in Ardooie for IQF ready made meals in order to offer an even wider range of frozen products.


2007: Production capacity is increased thanks to a new and important expansion of the production site in Ardooie.


2013: d’Arta celebrates 25 years of business. Meanwhile, with the second generation of both families at the head of the company, the family touch is guaranteed.


Today: In the meantime, d’Arta has grown into one of the leading frozen products companies in the region, employing more than 360 people. The company is committed to its family approach and long term vision. This means that there is a constant investment in growth and innovations, both in production methods and in product development.