Group HR manager


1. Strategy & Organisational Design

The Head of HR is involved in and supports the process of strategy formulation and implementation. He/She adds value by participating in the decision-making process involving senior and line management while making sure that HR sits at the table where it should sit. The Head of HR supports the Senior Management in the design, implementation and communication of effective organizations and processes to accomplish company strategy and objectives.

2. Staffing

The Head of HR is responsible for developing and delivering comprehensive and transparent as well as efficient staffing system to attract, identify, recruit, promote, transfer, and retain the right employees at the right time for the right position at all levels of the company. Exiting employees is also part of this role. He/she is also in charge of monitoring the staffing processes in place and managing the day-to-day Staffing Related Activities.

3. Talent Management including Learning & Development

The Head of HR is responsible for designing and shaping the Learning & Development activities by collecting training needs, developing training plans and implementing them.

The Head of HR ensures the design and implementation of a Talent Management system that distinguishes high-performing from low-performing individuals, identifying potentials and talents as well as addressing performance gaps in order to help employees to develop themselves and achieve the company's goals. This includes a thorough analysis of the individual developmental needs together with line management and developing a succession plan.

The Head of HR proactively support and co-ordinate the career development of individuals to improve retention and engagement. He/she also ensures that employee engagement/satisfaction surveys are conducted on a periodic basis.

4. Compensation, benefits and rewards

The Head of HR ensures that cost effective compensation and benefits processes are developed and aligned with and supportive of company strategy. The system should be attractive and help to drive business success as well as attract and retain the right employees. The design has to be in line with the business economics & market requirements.

5. Financial Accountability & HR Measurement

The Head of HR has to manage the HR related budget and influence HR related cost incurred by all departments.

The Head of HR has to ensure that the value of its activities can be measured in reference to:

  • how HR operates (e.g. organization, activities, and employees' satisfaction etc.);
  • what HR contributes to (e.g. the right people at the right time at the right place, allocation of resources etc.);
  • how HR helps to drive business (e.g. implementation of policies and tools, customer and market orientation etc.).

6. Innovation and Change

The Head of HR plays an active role in developing and implementing change management processes and innovation initiatives. He/she is responsible for the coordination of innovation processes, that encourage and support the ability of organizations to anticipate and respond to new trends and opportunities faster than anybody else.

7. HR Technology

The Head of HR, in cooperation with IT, leverages and uses technology in order to satisfy the demand of internal and external customers by providing fast and efficient services while enhancing job satisfaction and quality within HR.



  • You have a master degree with a minimum of 10 years of experience working in a business partner role and preferably in a manufacturing environment.
  • You have excellent spoken and written command of Dutch and English. Italian, Portuguese and French are a plus.
  • You are passionate about your job – you are aware and keep abreast of all new HR trends.
  • You have a good insight of Employment law.
  • You are a very good communicator who enjoys working with people and inspires them.
  • You are hands-on, pragmatic and problem-solving oriented.
  • You are capable of working with a high degree of autonomy but also in a supporting role.
  • You are capable of developing a network and especially a network within the HR World
  • You must be able to work well with colleagues from top to bottom. You must develop good relationships that are based on trust, resulting in the ability to work together effectively.
  • You should have a positive track record of results. You must have a reputation for meeting commitments, for doing what they say, and for saying what they do.


A challenging, management position, where you have the opportunity to further expand your broad knowledge of the various HR aspects. You work for an international, reputed and financially strong company, which is in full growth and offers interesting future opportunities. The company is characterized by an open culture and short lines of communication. A market competitive remuneration package is provided.

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