Ingredients: we have a strict policy to use as many natural ingredients as possible without food colouring, preservatives, flavour enhancers or genetic modification. In other words: as nature intended, retaining a maximum of nutrients and vitamins.

In terms of more complex or specific ingredients such as meat, fish or carbohydrates we work with trusted partners, strictly vetted on quality and food safety.


Inspiration: We develop most of our products together with our customers in our d’Arta test kitchen. Our R&D specialists put together new products based on the customer’s specific demands or required nutritional value. It can involve anything from simple combinations of different vegetables, with or without herbs or sauce, to ready made side dishes or meals for retail and for mass catering operations.


Innovation: we aim to adapt our product range to the latest trends and to cater as much as possible to needs of our customers. Quality, differentiation and user friendliness are central to all our developments.


RETAIL: the consumer is more demanding. This is why d’Arta tries to respond to the customer’s fast changing eating habits and lifestyle with new product creations. Under both the Greens and private label.


FOODSERVICE: whether eating at a restaurant, café, snackbar, educational or healthcare facility or other public locations, the needs of professional food service operators have strongly increased. D’Arta offers a full range of efficient solutions and convenience products.

In developing our products, we always try to take into account the following:

   •  Decrease the preparation time and preparation cost
   •  Minimise waste through portion control
   •  Guarantee constant quality, flavour and presentation
   •  Committed to healthy, well-balanced nutritional value
   •  Offering a wider, diversified range without extra fuss



Some examples:

   •  Ready-made side dishes or meals for retail, based on the latest culinary trends.
   •  Individual packaging for vegetables, rice, pasta or combinations.
   •  Packaging with individual portions.
   •  The Cuisin’ Easy range: ready to use products for food service purposes (for more information, please visit link to CE brochure)


After the development process, the product is tested on an industrial scale and additionally optimised.

Our highly trained customer service team plays a supporting role regarding packaging and labelling legislation.